Guide Notes: This section has been designed to organise the growing number of Mantle of the Expert frames into a consistent format which can be easily explored. The planning it contains has been invented and used in class by practicing teachers and categorised according to the key stages in the National Curriculum. As a point of note, if you are thinking of using a frame it is a good idea to look at corresponding KS’s since many frames are suitable for more than one age range.
Contributions: As a community we welcome contributions from all teachers exploring MoE, however inexperienced. If you have designed a frame you would like to share with other teachers then please fill in our planning form, return it by email and we will happily add it to the site.

Planning context – Hansel and Gretel

Written by Kevin Holland – Bigfoot Arts Education Click here to download documents.

Category: Planning

New Planning for Mantle of the Expert

New and detailed planning units for mantle of the expert available on our sister site

Category: Planning

Planning Templates for mantle of the expert

These templates are examples of planning for the medium term overview of a mantle of the expert inquiry.

We’ve provided two examples – The Mountain Rescue Team and The Garden Centre – and a blank copy which can be used by teachers to plan their own moe inquiries.

For more detailed, step-by-step planning, please visit our sister site:

Category: Planning

Creative Partnerships Project – Rollercoaster Design Co.

Organised by David Allen, from the Midland’s Actors Theatre, in partnership with maths teacher Ross Currie, this report details their work with a class of Year 8 students at Turves Green Boys’ Technology College, Birmingham. Using moe they created a Roller Coaster design company commissioned by a theme park to invent a new ride for their theme park and to frame the student’s maths curriculum for meaningful and engaging learning.

Category: Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3+, Planning

The Mountain Rescue Team

Above the snow line, a lone climber is in trouble. Seriously injured and loosing a lot of blood after a hard fall, things look bad as the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst. With trembling, frozen fingers, the climber lifts her phone – perhaps its not too late, if only the mountain rescue team can get there in time…

Category: Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Planning

Maths and Mantle of the Expert

Kevin Holland describes a Creative Partnerships funded project he developed to creating contextualized opportunities to study, apply and develop maths using mantle of the expert.

Category: Key Stage 2, News, Planning

Teen Advice Centre

KS3 – moe Scheme of Work. Maggie Hulson from Gladesmore Community School, Haringey, London, outlines a Mantle of the Expert scheme of work designed by three secondary school teachers for students to explore three strands of the school’s curriculum: Publishing (English Yr. 7); Sexual Reproduction (Science, Yr. 7); and Health and Social Care (BTEC Yr. 10).

Category: Key Stage 3+, Planning

Examples of weekly planning

Examples of planning from Autumn 2002. They represent the kind of planning I was doing at the time as part of an action research project, they reflect both my early understanding of the approach and the planning requirements of my school in 2002.

Category: Weekly Planning Examples

The Mantle of the Expert: Yr 7 – Exploring British Folk Music

The attached document is the result of some collaborative planning
carried out by Cambs. music teachers in the context of the new KS3
curriculum and some moe thinking by Chris Hiscock (Cambs. Adviser).

Category: Key Stage 3+, Planning

International Mantle of the Expert Conference, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, August 2009

August 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th, 2009
Weaving our stories – Bringing together educational expertise from the UK and New Zealand. This major international conference is an exciting collaboration bringing together followers and practitioners of Dorothy Heathcote’s dramatic-inquiry approaches from both Britain and New Zealand.

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