The Paradox of Mantle of the Expert: How can children be experts?

This extract is from, “A Beginner’s Guide to Mantle of the Expert”

On the face of it Mantle of the Expert seems to involve a paradox: how can we expect children to be experts when they know so little? Doesn’t being an expert require long years of dedicated study, experience, and reflective practice? Won’t asking children to think and act like experts be a silly pretence and a waste of valuable teaching time?

Blog: Using a painting to start an inquiry

How to use images with students as a way to generate thinking, grab their interest, and communicate knowledge. “I’d like to show you a painting, it was painted about 500 years ago of an English king called Henry VII. Take a careful look and see what you notice?”
This is an open question, asking the students to look rather than guess. If I did this with a class in Year 5 I’d expect them to notice the gold chain round his neck, his hat and cloak, the rose in his hand, and the writing at the bottom of the painting.