Key Writing and Essential Reading

Key Writing and Essential Reading

Over the years has collected and uploaded hundreds of articlesresearch papers and blogs. Many of these have been written specially for publication on the website, others have been contributions from other publications, periodicals and websites, and still others came to light while we were searching the Heathcote Archive in the summer of 2009.

Because of this ‘evolutionary’ process it can sometimes be difficult for users of the website to know which articles are the really important ones. The ones that stand out, over time, as deeply significant.

For this reason we have decided to start a new section of the website called, “Key Writing”. In this section we will create a list of the most influential and groundbreaking articles, papers and books in the field of mantle of the expert and drama for learning. Further, periodically we will highlight a particular piece of writing which we feel stands out as something worth studying for its insight and clarity.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of the website and would welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.

Essential Reading

1. “Teacher and Role – A drama teaching partnership” – Chris Lawrence  (c.1980)

2. “Notes on Signs and Portents” – Dorothy Heathcote and Maggie Whitelaw (1985)

3. “Active Learning – Four models to forge links between Schooling and Society” – Dorothy Heathcote (2002)

4. “What’s My Position? Role, Frame, and Positioning When Using Process Drama” – Brian Edmiston (c.2001)

5. “The Authentic Teacher and the Future” – Dorothy Heathcote (1984)

6. “Forward to Drama for Learning” – Cecily O’Neill (1995)

7. “The Idiot Teacher” – Gerard Holmes (1952) – Full pdf of the book (114 pages) – long out of print