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  1. What about learning objectives and success criteria?

  2. Isn't Mantle of the Expert just the same as topic?

  3. What about the International Primary Curriculum and Mantle of the Expert?

  4. How can you deal with sensitive issues such as racism?

  5. Which of the books on the website's booklist would you recommend I start with?

  6. How does this approach affect behaviour? How do I make sure that ALL the children come along for the ride?

  7. What is the difference between mantle of the expert and the commission model?

  8. How can you plan coverage using Mantle of the Expert?

  9. What is the difference between a sign, a symbol, and an iconic image?

  10. How is a record kept of the individual child's learning?

  11. How could I use moe with Nursery children - three year olds?

  12. how do i group the children

  13. Is MOE suitable for children with learning difficulties or indeed children with other disabilities, or is there a completly different approach?

  14. I am a student doing an essay on drama in education and i was wondering if it would be possible for me to become a member so that i could do the training weekend with dorothy heathcote on the 23rd January, or am i not qualified enough?

  15. I am an international teacher, currently working in the middle east. I am very interested in Mantle of the Expert. My current school is 96% EAL and I am wondering if anybody has tried this with children with little English and if it worked.

  16. Can I use a story to start an moe inquiry?

  17. what is mantle of the expert?

  18. Is there much research (by Dorothy Heathcote, or anyone else) on using Mantle of the Expert in adult education? I work for a primary teacher's union and run education courses- for union staff and for union members- and would love to use MofE in these courses.

  19. can I train in mantle of the expert if I am not a qualified teacher? I am a community artist and I am very interested in finding out more and perhaps training if i can.

  20. Hello. My name is Roberta. I'm doing a MA in Applied Drama at Goldsmiths, University of London, and I'm particularly interested in Dorothy heathcote and her work. I'm Brazilian, and in my country we don't have any material about her to research and pass her method to others. Is there any way of getting a copy of the documentary about her made by Roger Burgess? Where should I contact, can you help me? Thanks a lot for your attention.

  21. What do you do, if the child doesn't know how to do what you are asking them to do? Recently I asked some to go translate some words for me and they didn't know how to do this. How do I explain without being a teacher and staying in role?

  22. With less time in secondary classes and a different age group, how the Mantle of the expert model could be effectively applied?

  23. What is the difference or the distinction between role and frame for the participants in a drama?

  24. What do you do if any of the children, particularly those with SEN, that believe in the drama literally?

  25. To whom it may concern, I am looking for a great mantle of the expert school to visit. Possibly around London, if not as close as possible. thank you Emma

  26. How does the mantle of the expert challenge the stereotypic attitudes of primary aged children?

  27. Am i meant to intergate maths (yr 2 ) into the whole approach? Or agree with the children we need to step out of the stiuation to do some skills and drills (that need covering).?

  28. How long should a project last? Are they supposed to be term-long 'topics' or shorter activities? If the latter, do they fit comfortably within a term-long topic with the same focus eg The Romans (Roman Box).

  29. We are 'dipping our toe in' with a whole school 3 day MoE project at the end of term. How have you introduced MoE to the children and also parents/governors?

  30. The answer to FAQ #5 states that Wagner's 1976 book was written before Heathcote had invented MOE but didn't she write about it in 1972, according to the Appendix in the Arcive?