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New Author/s Papers on Drama & Mantle of the Expert Pages Download
  Luke Abbott Mantle of the expert – an attempt to understand the misunderstood 12 PDF
  Luke Abbott Drama is Life 5 PDF
  Luke Abbott The Dramatic Imagination 8 PDF
  Luke Abbott Four projections of role (MA Thesis) 171 PDF
  Luke Abbott Chamber Theatre 7 PDF
  Luke Abbott Dorothy Heathcote’s Levels of Tension 4 PDF
  Luke Abbott History Lessons Regarding 6 PDF
  Luke Abbott The Dramas of History 5 PDF
  Luke Abbott Learning Lessons from Children 5 PDF
  Luke Abbott Dramatic Exercises for Teachers 3 PDF
  Luke Abbott Dramatic Conventions, Their Use and Abuse 6 PDF
  Luke Abbott & Brian Edmiston Contexts Between Play, Drama & Learning 14 PDF
  Luke Abbott & Brian Edmiston Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Classroom 2 PDF
  Viv Aitken Mantle of the Expert – A Brief Introduction. Ch. 3 from Connecting Curriculum, Linking Learning 23 PDF
  Alastair Becker Does Mantle of the Expert Improve Children’s Attitudes to Reading and Writing? 36 PDF
  Roberta Luchini Boschi Mantle of the Expert – Potentialities of this method in the Brazilian Educational System 81 PDF
  Jenny Burrell Mantle of the Expert – The Sea Company 3 PDF

Jenny Lewis 3G Assessment Report 28 PDF
  Gavin Bolton Situation Vs Story 4 PDF
Gavin Bolton Book: Dorothy Heathcote’s Story: The Biography of a Remarkable Drama Teacher – Google Books 191 GoogleBook
  Michael Bunting Questions, Questions, Questions! 7 PDF
  Michael Bunting Leadership Challenges posed by MoE 24 PDF
  Theatre Cap-aPie In-Experience – Mantle of the Expert within the Creative Classroom 22 PDF
  Helen Collins Impact of moe on children’s writing – MA Dissertation 97 PDF

Brian Edmiston & Patricia Enciso Reflections & Refractions of Meaning: Dialogic Approaches to Reading with Classroom Drama 13 PDF

Brian Edmiston Mountains, Ships and Time Machines: Making space for creativity and learning with dramatic-inquiry in a Primary School CP Report 45 PDF

Brian Edmiston Authoring complexity with Dialogic Dramatic inquiry 39 PDF

Brian Edmiston & Jeffrey Wilhelm Playing in Different Keys: Research Notes for Action Researchers and Reflective Drama Practitioners 12 PDF
  Brian Edmiston The Mantle of the Expert Approach to Education 8 PDF
  Brian Edmiston Expert Positioning/Frame/Roles 3 PDF
  Brian Edmiston Building Social Justice Communities – Using drama to make power more visible 10 PDF
  Brian Edmiston What’s My Position? Role, Frame & Positioning 9 PDF
  Brian Edmiston MoE Conference Powerpoint – Learning with Imagination Stansted 1 56 PDF
  Brian Edmiston MoE Conference Powerpoint – Imaginative Enquiry Stansted 2 64 PDF

Dorothy Heathcote Drama as education – AB084 20 PDF
  Dorothy Heathcote Book: Collected Writings on Education and Drama – Google Books 218 GoogleBook

Dorothy Heathcote Notes on Signs and Portents – AS028 – AS045 10 PDF

Dorothy Heathcote Dramatic Activity 7 PDF

Dorothy Heathcote Contexts for Active Learning – Four Models 14 PDF

Dorothy Heathcote Remembering Remembrance: the quick sands of preparing and interrogating evidence Mantle and commission work 31 PDF

Dorothy Heathcote Productive Tension. A Keystone in Mantle of the Expert Dorothy Heathcote   PDF

Dorothy Heathcote Internal Coherence. A Factor for consideration in teaching to learn Dorothy Heathcote   PDF
  Dorothy Heathcote Some Notes on Role Work 3 PDF

Dorothy Heathcote Essay on Creativity 22 PDF
  Dorothy Heathcote Notes on Drama 1 PDF
  Dorothy Heathcote Mantle of the Expert – Establishing procedures 15 PDF
  Dorothy Heathcote Dramatic Conventions List 4 PDF
  Dorothy Heathcote Video Catalogue 29 PDF
  Bill Hicks Role play: How teaching make-believe gets real results(Article in The Independent on Bealings Primary School) 3 PDF
  Lisa Hinton Mantle of the Expert: International Perspectives – UK & Palestine
NEW  Lisa Hinton Mantle of the Expert teaching sequence – The Missing Pilot 19 PDF
  Lisa Hinton Mantle of the Expert and Writing Work Placed Development 41 PDF
  Lisa Hinton Mantle of the Expert and boys writing 39 PDF
  Lisa Hinton Mantle of the Expert Buddhism Episodes 2 PDF

Julie Hymers ‘Little Children, ‘Big’ Questions’ – Does Mantle of the Expert create an environment conducive to philosophical thinking in the Early Years? 74 PDF

Bob Lingard, Debra Hayes & Martin Mills Teachers and productive pedagogies: contextualising, conceptualising, utilising 26 PDF

Peter Johnson The Language of Influence in teaching 6 PDF

Debbie Kidd Romeo and Juliet through Mantle of the Expert 1 Blog

Chris Lawrence Teacher and Role 21 PDF
  Wendy Rouse & Amanda Wilde Word On the Street – Action Research Project Report 26 PDF

Edward Parkinson

Mantle of the Expert: The Impact of a Devolved Leadership on Boys’ Attitudes Towards School

118 PDF

Primary History History, Drama and the Classroom – Spring 2008 36 PDF

Caroline Stamp-Dod Mantle of the Expert: a critical evaluation of the ways this strategy might contribute to aspects of children’s learning and the development of self-direction. 20 PDF
  Tim Taylor Creating Bridges into the Past – this article first appeared in the Oct 2013 issue of Creative teaching & Learning Magazine 7 PDF
Tim Taylor Exploring History Through Drama – this article first appeared in the May 2013 issue of Creative teaching & Learning Magazine 9 PDF
Tim Taylor The Power of Play: Developing dramatic-inquiry in the classroom – this article first appeared in the April 2013 issue of Primary Teacher Update magazine 3 PDF
  Tim Taylor Bibliography: mantle of the expert and drama for learning 7 PDF
  Tim Taylor Introducing Mantle of the Expert 10 PDF
  Tim Taylor Using Mantle of the Expert for the First Time 5 PDF
  Tim Taylor Using Mantle of the Expert – The Tudor House 8 PDF
  Tim Taylor Project Report – Establishing a Learning Network of Schools to use Mantle of the Expert 8 PDF

Tim Taylor Using Inquiry to Explore the Curriculum – PPP From Newcastle PGCE Conference 32 PDF

Tim Taylor & Brian Edmiston The Mountain Rescue – A detailed guide to mediating a mantle of the expert scenario in the classroom 22 PDF

Tim Taylor Children learn best when they use their imagination 1 PDF
  Allana Taylor A critical evaluation of ‘Mantle of the Expert’ 30 PDF

Iona Towler-Evans& Sam Law Drama Approaches to Pre-20C texts 5 PDF
  Iona Towler-Evans Mantle of the Expert 4 PDF

Julia Walshaw Undersea Savers and The Golden Elizabeth – Exploration of a Mantle of the Expert Frame 10 PDF

Julia Walshaw Suffolk Forum 2009 Final Report 9 PDF

Shelby Wolf From the ‘Mantle’ to Expertise – CP Report 52 PDF

Leon Weeks An Exploration of Mantle of the Expert as a Teaching Method to Cultivate Independent Learning in an International School 120 PDF

Kelly Wood How to make your lessons outstanding 1 LINK

Dene Zarins Steps into MoE Inquiry -MA Paper PPD 114
Photos of the children’s drawings

Other Papers

New Author/s Other Papers Pages Download
  John Abbott Lieutenant Peter Puget, the grain of the brain and modern society’s failure to understand adolescents 8 PDF

John Abbott 21st C. Learning Intiative – parliamentary paper 42 PDF
  Paul Black Formative Assessment: Promises or problems? 5 PDF

Centre for Equity in Education Equality in Education – New Directions 34 PDF

Centre for Equity in Education Equality in Education – Mapping the Territory 14 PDF

Future Lab Assessment for Social Justice 9 PDF

Alan Dyson A Pivotal Moment 29 PDF
  Brian Edmiston Classroom Communities of Enquiry 1 PDF
  John Edwards The Things We Steal From Children 33 PDF
Kieran Egan Teaching as Story Telling – Google Book 85 Google Book
  Kieran Egan The cognitive tools of children’s imagination 15 PDF
  Kieran Egan A very short history of imagination 21 PDF
  Michael Fielding Alex Bloom, Pioneer of Radical State Education 15 PDF
  Michael Fielding Putting Hands Around the Flame:Reclaiming the Radical Tradition of State Education 6 PDF
  Michael Fielding What Kinds of Organisations are Schools 3 PDF
  John Fines Letting the Past Speak 137 PDF

Geoff James Finding a Pedagogy 242 PDF
  Mary James 3rd Generation Assessment – Powerpoint Presentation from Stansted 2 conference 12 PDF

Mary James Assessment in Schools – Fit for Purpose? 32 PDF

Mary James From AfL to TfL – Time to Move on? (PPP saved as QT movie 5.6mb) movie QT

Mary James Position Paper on Assessment for Learning from the Third International Conference on Assessment for Learning 4 PDF
  Jerome Harste What Education as Inquiry Is and Isn’t 18 PDF

Debra Kidd Assessment as an Act of Love – published in “Teaching Thinking and Creativity” Vol. 9:3 7 PDF
  Alfie Kohn Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!” 7 PDF
  Alfie Kohn Unconditional Teaching 10 PDF
  Alfie Kohn Atrocious Advice from “Supernanny” 5 PDF
  Alfie Kohn What Does It Mean to Be Well-Educated? 8 PDF
  Joseph Milnes The Educational Theory of Alfie Kohn 3 PDF
  Jerry Oakley RHINOs: Really Here In Name Only – A Research Project About Quietly Disaffected Pupils 6 PDF
  Lyndsey Sharp Statement of Restorative Justice Principles 24 PDF
  Mick Waters Shaping a Curriculum for the 21st Century Powerpoint at Stansted 1 conference 35 PDF


New Source Videos on education Time Link
  YouTube ‘School Is A Prison!’ – Dr Peter Gray Interviewed on Freedomain Radio 45:00 Watch
  YouTube Alfie Kohn Session at NTAC 2011 – Four session:  [1/4] [2/4] [3/4] [4/4] 92:00 Watch
  YouTube Interview with John Holt 52:00 Watch


You can find more articles and other writing on our archive pages

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